Project Amethyst — Custom electronics for FSX

Project Amethyst is a collection of resources useful for building fully custom home cockpit solutions, including PCB schematics and layout, USB firmware and host driver software (which includes the necessary linkage with FSX).

A development prototype project, "NARG" (Navigation, Autopilot, Radios and GPS) exists to provide a template for your own projects. The assembled unit can be seen in context here (click for larger picture [warning: ~7MB]):

FSX Preserve State

Each time you start a free flight, do you bother to check fuel quantity as a part of your preflight checks?

Probably not. For most simmers, your default flight has full tanks, however much you used last time. Your switches and radios etc are always in the same state, regardless of how you left them, and the battery is never flat. Not so realistic.

Not strictly related to Project Amethyst, FSX Preserve State is a small package that closes the loop between the end of the last session and the beginning of the next by selectively preserving desired aircraft state such as fuel, switches and radios.

See the documentation for more detail, download binaries, source or browse.

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